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It is our customers that make Phriends. Our food is specially prepared with you in mind.


We cook healthy food to our Phriends because it is our belief that you are what you eat. 


Phriends Food comes with a touch of signature collection sourced from Africa. 

Fried Prawns.JPG

Our foods are designed for different cultures to enjoy, especially, the artistic nature of food.  


Phriends provides African based culinary with a touch of excellence. Through our excellence, our spices bring freshness causing our meals to be divine. 


Phriends have created a new way of dining. We have redefined the way of cooking and serving food. Any food we serve comes with a Five Star taste and garnish. Chillies to soothe you, ginger to warm you up and nourishment from our varieties of rice.

Jollof Rice is warm and rich. It is soft, fluffy and charming when you press it with your fork; the signature of the tomato sauce and authentic African spice in which the rice was cooked bounce off the surface of your tongue and gently shatters in your mouth as you eat. Adding vegetables, choice of fish, meat and chicken creates divine adventure in your mouth, which only your tongue can attest to it.

We also serve Salmon and baby potatoes, with Phriends creamy dill and cucumber sauce, which is one of our signature dishes. The softness of the baby potatoes and Salmon, as well as the creamy dill and cucumber allows your fork and knife to gather with less pressing. The meal melts on your tongue as you munch gently and the sensation radiate through your soul. 

We also serve fresh salad, desserts, juices and hot drinks.

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